Getting the actual this reference to the task state machine

I'm playing with the idea of tampering with the state of a tasks internal state machine, but i'm having trouble finding a way to actually access the state machine reference within my task method.

class Test
    async Task IndexAsync()
        var nottheactualtype = GetType(); //This references the "Test" class, but this operation is actually located in the nested state machine class named "IndexAsync", in the method "MoveNext()".
        var actualcalledmethod = new StackTrace().GetFrame(0).GetMethod(); //This shows the actual method currently being run: IndexAsync.MoveNext().
        //But how do I get the reference to my current IndexAsync class?

How can I get access to the reference of the generated state machine currently being run?

Jon Skeet

It's nasty, and it's not guaranteed to work (it depends on implementation details) - but this works for me... it basically provokes the state machine to pass a continuation to an awaiter. We can then get the state machine out of the continuation delegate's target.

Ugly, ugly, ugly code... but it does work for me :)

using System;
using System.Reflection;
using System.Threading.Tasks;
using System.Runtime.CompilerServices;
using static System.Reflection.BindingFlags;

public class StateMachineProvider
    private static readonly StateMachineProvider instance = new StateMachineProvider();

    public static StateMachineProvider GetStateMachine() => instance;

    public StateMachineAwaiter GetAwaiter() => new StateMachineAwaiter();

    public class StateMachineAwaiter : INotifyCompletion
        private Action continuation;

        public bool IsCompleted => continuation != null;

        public void OnCompleted(Action continuation)
            this.continuation = continuation;
            // Fire the continuation in a separate task.
            // (We shouldn't just call it synchronously.)

        public IAsyncStateMachine GetResult()
            var target = continuation.Target;
            var field = target.GetType()
                              .GetField("m_stateMachine", NonPublic | Instance);
            return (IAsyncStateMachine) field.GetValue(target);

class Test
    static void Main()

    static async Task AsyncMethod()
        int x = 10;
        IAsyncStateMachine machine = await StateMachineProvider.GetStateMachine();
        Console.WriteLine($"x={x}"); // Force the use across an await boundary
        Console.WriteLine($"State machine type: {machine.GetType()})");
        var fields = machine.GetType().GetFields(Public | NonPublic | Instance);
        foreach (var field in fields)
            Console.WriteLine($"{field.Name}: {field.GetValue(machine)}");


State machine type: Test+<AsyncMethod>d__1)
<>1__state: -1
<>t__builder: System.Runtime.CompilerServices.AsyncTaskMethodBuilder
<x>5__1: 10
<machine>5__2: Test+<AsyncMethod>d__1
<>s__4: System.Reflection.FieldInfo[]
<>s__5: 6
<field>5__6: System.Reflection.FieldInfo <field>5__6


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