Converting google time zone to .net timezone

I'm using this :

string url = string.Format("{0},{1}&timestamp=1374868635&sensor=false", lat, lon);

using (HttpClient cl = new HttpClient())
  string json = await cl.GetStringAsync(url).ConfigureAwait(false);
  TimeZoneModel timezone = new JavaScriptSerializer().Deserialize<TimeZoneModel>(json);

To get user timezone. This works fine. I want to convert this :

"timeZoneName" : "Central European Summer Time"

To .net timezone ?

In .net Timezone that timezone does not exists.

I tried to get proper timezone with :

TimeZoneInfo tzf = TimeZoneInfo.FindSystemTimeZoneById("Central European Summer Time");

Any idea how to convert google timezone to .net timezone ? Is that possible ?

Thank you guys in advance !

Jon Skeet

Instead of using timeZoneName, I'd suggest using timeZoneId, which will be an IANA ID such as Europe/London.

You then have various options:

  • Find a mapping from that to Windows time zone IDs yourself, e.g. with TimeZoneConverter
  • Use Noda Time and map the time zone to a Windows time zone using TzdbDateTimeZoneSource, e.g. with TzdbDateTimeZoneSource.WindowsMapping. See this answer for sample code.
  • Use Noda Time and don't map it to a Windows time zone - just use the Noda Time DateTimeZone instead, and use Noda Time throughout your app, for a better date/time experience in general

Obviously I favour the last option, but I'm biased as the main author of Noda Time...


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