Linq Group by won't work on multiple columns

I have a table like this:

200          1             55
200          1             60
200          2             65
200          2             80
250          1             55
250          1             60
250          2             65
250          2             80

Here is my code :

   CType(grdQuality.DataSource, DataView).Table.Rows.Cast(Of DataRow)
   .Select(Function(item) New With {.Ok = CType(item.Item("FINALLY_OK"), Decimal), .PRO_ID = item.Item("PRO_ID"), .Category = item.Item("CATEGORY")})
   .GroupBy(Function(item) New With {.PRO_ID = item.PRO_ID, .Category = item.Category})
   .Select(Function(item) New With {item.Key.PRO_ID, item.Key.Category, .AVG = item.Average(Function(i) i.Ok)})

but this returns all columns again and group by does not work properly

is there anything wrong with my code?

Jon Skeet

You're using an anonymous type to group, but you're not making any of those properties key properties... which means they aren't used in the equality tests. Try this:

.GroupBy(Function(item) New With { Key .PRO_ID = item.PRO_ID, Key .Category = item.Category})

(You won't see that in C# samples, as all properties in C# anonymous types are implicitly key properties.)


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