NodaPatternConverter for Instant with numeric (unix) format in 2.x.x

As I can read on the support for numeric formatting of Instants has been removed.

Is there currently a way to create a NodaPatternConverter that will convert to a unix / ticks format and back?

SystemClock.Instance.GetCurrentInstant().ToString( "d", CultureInfo.InvariantCulture );

Results in the following exception:

NodaTime.Text.InvalidPatternException : The standard format "d" is not valid for the NodaTime.Instant type.
Jon Skeet

Well, you can implement IPattern<T> yourself. Your parser would just need to use long.Parse then call Instant.FromUnixTicks. The formatter would just need to call Instant.ToUnixTimeTicks and format the result. Ideally, do both of those in the invariant culture.

You can then pass that pattern to the NodaPatternConverter<T> constructor - or just implement JsonConverter directly, to be honest.

Note that this will only give you tick resolution, which matches 1.x but may lose data with 2.x values.

I'd strongly encourage you to move away from this format as soon as you can though.


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