LINQ is converting string to special characters

I am using this query to get data from database.

string nfc = "53f8372c";    
var temp = db.tempTable.AsNoTracking().Where(
               x =>
                   x.uid.Equals(nfc, StringComparison.CurrentCultureIgnoreCase)
                   && x.ENDED == null
                   && x.STATUS.Equals(Constants.ACTIVE)

The sql that is generated from this query is:

"Extent1"."ID" AS "ID", 
"Extent1"."uid" AS "uid", 
"Extent1"."ENDED" AS "ENDED", 
"Extent1"."STATUS" AS "STATUS", 
FROM "tempTable" "Extent1"
WHERE (("Extent1"."uid" = :p__linq__0) AND ("Extent1"."ENDED" IS NULL) AND ('Active' = "Extent1"."STATUS"))}

Why does it convert 53f8372c to :p__linq__0?

Jon Skeet

That's just parameterizing the SQL. If you look at the parameters passed to the query, you'll see that :p__linq__0 has a value of 53f8372c.

This parameterization is helpful, as the server can cache the query plan and reuse it for the same query using different parameter values.


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