Does Google.Protobuf support .NET Core?

I know from looking at the Google.Protobuf Git that there are some comments about .NET Core support but when I get a copy of the source code from Git the Google.Protobuf Project has .NetFramework 4.5 listed in the Dependencies along with .NetStandard 1.0.

On the Google.Protobuf Git Depot in the csharp folder there are some further comments about .NET Core support.

Also by going through the Issues Tracker on the attached to the Depot I came across this thread from about a year back about getting Google.Protobuf to play nice with .NET Core.

Can anyone give me a definitive answer on whether or not Google.Protobuf supports .NET Core?

Jon Skeet

Google.Protobuf targets .NET 4.5 and netstandard1.0. It's important to understand that when multiple frameworks are listed in terms of dependencies, that just means that the package uses multi-targeting to support multiple frameworks.

Given that UWP now supports netstandard2.0, it should definitely work with a netstandard1.0 library.

It's possible that reflection (including JSON support) won't work as it requires both regular reflection and (currently) expression tree compilation - but for simple serialization and deserialization it should be absolutely fine.


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