How to differentiate whether the code is running in an emulator or in GKE when working with GCP's Datastore

I am not sure whether I am missing any, after following the instructions given in

I was not able to connect to local emulator unless I create Datastore explicitly using DataStoreClient.

DatastoreDb db = DatastoreDb.Create(projectId, string.Empty, new DatastoreClientImpl(
                new Datastore.DatastoreClient(
                    new Channel("localhost", 8081, ChannelCredentials.Insecure)), new DatastoreSettings()));

instead of just DatastoreDb.Create(projectId);

If we are working in GKE for production, we need to connect to actual Datastore not an emulator, how do we differentiate between the two versions with same code base.

Is there a way to check if code is running GKE, or is this something that should be done via by an environment variable for best results.

Jon Skeet

You can use the Platform class in the Google.Api.Gax namespace (in the Google.Api.Gax package):

Platform platform = Platform.Instance();
switch (platform.Type)
    case PlatformType.Gae:
        // Code for AppEngine
    case PlatformType.Gce:
        // Code for Compute Engine
    case PlatformType.Gke:
        // Code for Google Kubernetes Engine
        // Code for other contexts


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